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Nicola Smith Jackson Mobile App

From the Successful Entrepreneur & Founder of the Pink Millionaire Club

Get instant access to Dame Nicola’s videos, content and podcasts so you can:
  • Transform Your Money Mindset 
  • Create a growth mindset to develop your purpose
  • ​Learn to balance your work life with personal life
  • ​Reduce your debt, save money, get better employment, and more
  • ​Pay yourself first and invest your money
  • ​Discover a new world that will help you multiply your money
  • ​Leverage insurance to build wealth and become your own bank

See What Others Are Saying About Dame Nicola

"Nicola is one of the most powerful leaders I’ve ever met. 

Smart, hard-working, heart- centered and you’d be hard- pressed to locate anyone with
her level of talent. 

She’s the total package when it comes to being a leader in our profession."

-Myron Golden
"Nicola has become an extraordinary leader, speaker and mentor… She is an excellent example for any woman who wants to level up, become more confident to take actions necessary in order to build a business, make and manage
more money without compromising their faith nor family…"

-Dame Doria Cordova
"Nicola is sincere and passionate about the success of others.
She’s a powerhouse speaker
and a force to be reckoned with when she grace the stage to speak . Her authenticity and faith can transform your life and money . Her track record speaks for itself that she knows her stuff. If you want real results Nicola is your lady."

-Eric Worre

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The Founder of The Pink Millionaire - Dame Nicola 
Smith Jackson

Dame Nicola has helped thousands of women just like you multiply their money and pursue their dreams. A successful entrepreneur, author, radio host and acclaimed expert in Network Marketing, and speaker
  • Inducted in the Million Dollar Hall of Fame as one of the Most Powerful Women in Network Marketing
  • ​Counted among top 20 Network Marketers in the World
  • ​Built a 9-Figure Financial Services Business
  • ​Earned the highest position of Pinnacle Senior Vice President in Company History
Nicola Smith Jackson Mobile App

Nicola Smith Jackson's 
Free Content 

Transform Your Money Mindset

Explore with Nicola how women limit their financial growth by what they tell themselves. In this series, Dame Nicola shows you how to make money work for you with proven strategies. You and your family need financial security, and she’ll share with you what she’s learned. Follow your dream and stop being overworked and underpaid. Learn how to increase your income by transforming your mindset.

Podcasts: Power Start Your Day

You’ll have access to Nicola’s most popular podcasts in this Power Start Your Day series. These daily motivations teach you all about business and what you can do to succeed. You’ll see how you can trade your excuses for execution and how to reach your goals. Get unstuck with your M.U.D. – Money, Undervalue, and Distractions! 

Freebies To Grow Your Business and Money

These free resources will teach you how to reach your full potential and become more financially independent. Using time-tested principles, Dame Nicola will empower you to manage your money better by creating a growth mindset. Her goal is to help you become financially literate so that you can have unlimited wealth. Learn how her faith and trust in God led to a multi-million dollar empire. 

Additional Trainings: Transform Your Mind to Make & Manage More Money

Can you imagine creating a money mansion for yourself? Dame Nicola will show you how. First, you need to generate income. Next, you need to protect that income. Then, you want to create a budget to build your wealth. After that, you diversify and multiply your money. And last? You build your financial intelligence with a money mentor. Do all of this so you can move into your mansion!

Real Results From Real People.

"I love Dame Nicola’s mentorship because it has not only helped me in my business, but it has also helped me in my personal life.

She’s also been able to help me to achieve massive financial goals through her mentorship as well. 

So, I already know joining her Pink Millionaire Club was going to take me to a whole different level --
 mentally, spiritually and financially.

I’m super excited for what she has in store and I wholeheartedly endorse anything that
Dame Nicola does!"

-Danekia Smith

Mentee and Pink Millionaire Club Diamond
"Dame Nicola is an amazing coach, speaker and human being. Her ability to bring incredible energy and wisdom to any situation is unlike any I have ever seen. 

I got to know Nicola through the Mastermind my wife and I run, and I can tell you that I cannot think of anyone more impressive. 

If you are considering a mentor or coach, I assure you that Dame Nicola IS the real deal and is someone I have witnessed impact and improve many lives and if you have never seen her speak from stage, woooo-weeee, she is one of the most powerful forces I have ever been blessed to watch."

-Ray Higdon
"Before being mentored by Dame Nicola, I was making money, but not clear on properly budgeting, saving and investing. Since joining, I am more focused and have learned to apply the PINKPrint™ system in my life and business. I also moved into a senior position with my company.

I decided to upgrade to the Diamond membership and it has totally taken me to another level in business. I have strengthened my personal development and moved past many of my fears I didn’t even know I had surrounding money.

My financial knowledge has increased and I am in awe of the Money Mansion System!

-Danielle Carlton

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